Your precious content is delivered over a private network that bypasses the regular Internet and its congestion issues to ensure much higher performance.

IP backbone and connectivity

  • 99.99999% core network uptime
  • 4Tbps global network capacity
  • 10GE and 100GE peering and transit connections
  • Transit: Level3, Tata, Cogent, Deutsche Telekom, TeliaSonera, Global Crossing
  • IPv6 Native
  • Datacenters: Multiple in Europe, USA, Asia
  • IX-es: AMS-IX (Netherlands), DE-CIX (Germany), LINX (UK), BNIX (Belgium), Netnod (Sweden), NL-IX, (Netherlands), Espanix (Spain), SwissIX (Switzerland), ECIX (Germany), FranceIX (France), PLIX (Poland), BIX (Hungaria), MIX (Italy), VIX (Austria), NIX (Czech), LU-CIX (Luxemburg), InterLAN (Romania), SIX (Slovakia), DIX (Denmark), NIX1 (Norway), NYIIX (USA), EquinixNY (USA), Equinix Ashburn (USA), NOTA (USA), Equinix Chicago (USA), Equinix Dallas (USA), Equinix Palo Alto (USA), CoreSiteAny2 (USA), SIN, Singapore (Asia).

CDN Capacity

  • >99.999% StreamZilla CDN historic uptime thanks to active request routing
  • Storage: tiered, redundant high performance origin storage and RAM based delivery
  • Origin CDN capacity: 30Gbps (tiered, Europe) (HTTP streaming, RTMP streaming, RTSP streaming, MMS)
  • Global edge capacity: 500Gbps (100Gbps SSD storage powered SuperPoPs in Europe, USA, Asia) HTTP (optional)

CDN Federation: Multi CDN

The StreamZilla CDN is pre-integrated with third party clouds and CDNs such as Amazon, Leaseweb, Level3, Highwinds and Edgecast to overflow and geo optimize HTTP streaming traffic beyond our own footprint. We automatically select the best performing CDN at the lowest costs for you. All of the premium StreamZilla features are available when using CDN offloading. Through our unique and active CDN federation and load balancing technologies, the 40+500Gbps capacity can be extended to Terabits/sec capacity in Europe, Middle-East, North America, Latin America and Asia. Optional.