streamzilla multi CDN service

Your multi CDN partner

No single content delivery network has a 100% performing global footprint. To be able to deliver in high definition quality all over the world, content providers use a multi CDN strategy, which was extremely complicated and expensive:

A Multi CDN strategy was complicated and expensive

You needed to negotiate and manage contracts with multiple CDNs, you needed to technically integrate with these CDNs, you needed to work with multiple CDN support departments, and you needed a third party vendor or service provider to load balance traffic between these CDNs. Managing simple features such as geo fencing over multiple CDNs was a nightmare.

Multi CDN made easy and affordable

StreamZilla introduces fully integrated streaming delivery through many pre-integrated CDN partners. You have one contract partner and one integration partner: StreamZilla. Sign up today and deliver through multiple CDNs tomorrow. Compete with the best performing global OTT providers at the lowest costsNo additional charges, no more headaches.

  • The Multi CDN

    Learn about StreamZilla’s history in multi CDN delivery. For over a decade, StreamZilla has been the selected Streaming CDN for hundreds of broadcasters, OTT providers, sports clubs, studios, enterprises, media agencies and publishers. Streaming is in our DNA.

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  • The Federated CDN

    We are not just a CDN selector: we are an advanced streaming CDN operator that is deeply integrated with global CDN partners through unique federation technologies: StreamZilla, Leaseweb, Level3, Amazon, Edgecast*, Highwinds* and other included!

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  • One Stop Shop

    Sign up today, and stream through multiple CDNs tomorrow using our unified multi CDN service. We are your contract partner. You only need to integrate with our easy, advanced and well documented APIs. No more multi CDN headaches.

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  • Rich CDN Features

    Regardless the underlying CDNs being used, you have free access to all our HTTP adaptive streaming features including instant geo fencing, token protection, realtime statistics, content analysis, user rights management, live stream setup wizards, historical reports, realtime multiplexing, adaptive player and much more…

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  • Performance Probes

    StreamZilla built a global CDN streaming performance monitoring network that constantly probes HTTP adaptive streaming performance of all our CDN partners per continent. When performance drops, we automatically switch to a better performing CDN.

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  • Cost Management

    You define at which maximum price point and at which minimum performance you want to deliver per continent. We attach matching CDNs to your StreamZilla account and the StreamZilla CDN will automatically deliver through the best performing CDN at the lowest price per GB. No additional service charges!

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  • Active Routing

    Most CDNs and CDN load balancing services have no real control over where audiences are sent to because they rely on passive DNS. StreamZilla uses active request routing: each individual request is analyzed and routed to the optimal CDN pop for a broadcast grade experience. 

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  • Easy Workflow

    Through our integrated web dashboard and our advanced APIs, you can integrate encoders, transcoders, online video platforms, OTT backends, portals, players, and manage user rights, regardless the underlying CDNs used for delivery.

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