True Streaming Provider

StreamZilla supports Apple HLS, Flash streaming, Smooth Streaming, 3GPP Mobile Streaming, Windows Media, QuickTime Streaming, RTMP, RTSP, HTTP, H.264, WebM, progressive downloads…

RTMP streaming, HTTP streaming, Microsoft Smooth, RTSP streaming, HTML5 WebM, 3GPP Mobile, Full HD streaming, H.264 + AAC, Windows Media, Windows Media


Video streaming: many standards

There is no single standard for digital video delivery. Many codecs and formats and protocols exist on the market: WMV, MP4, WebM, OGG, RTSP, HTTP, RTMP. Many vendors introduce exciting new features and services: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe and Wowza for instance, their innovation pace in the market is extremely fast. StreamZilla leads by working together with the main vendors and by deploying new technologies fast to the market.

Combine video technologies for 100% reach

It is a risk to lock yourself into a specific technology or protocol for video delivery. Todays hot technology can be outdated next year. No single video streaming technology offers 100% reach. You need to mix multiple video streaming technologies to be able to reach every user on any device out there. You need to offer your content to Flash, Silverlight, iOS, 3GPP mobile and many other clients. So you need a CDN that supports them all, unlimited.

StreamZilla: not just all formats but all video streaming platforms

We don’t lock you into a single vendor. StreamZilla embraces all these technologies from the most popular streaming media technology vendors. We offer integrated support these popular streaming and video delivery technologies:

Internet Information Server 7 for Smooth Streaming, Darwin Streaming Server for 3GPP Mobile, QuickTime, AAC and H.264 streaming, Icecast server for AAC, MP3 and OGG audio streaming, Wowza Media Server for Flash, Apple HTTP Adaptive Streaming, Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apache and Lighttpd for HTTP progressive downloads.


True Streaming

True streaming means that we support all popular realtime streaming protocols: RTSP, RTMP and MMS (legacy). These are the most popular streaming protocols today, for Flash streaming, Windows Media Streaming, H.264 streaming and 3GPP mobile streaming. Enjoy the power of true streaming technologies with multiple bit rate streaming support for various clients, enhanced access logs and all the great intelligent streaming features like QoS logging that true streaming brings.

Figure: StreamZilla supports True Streaming with QoS:

True Streaming QoS


Figure: StreamZilla supports True Adaptive Streaming with QoS + QoE for Flash and Windows Media:

True Streaming QoS + QoE Flash Windows Media


HTTP Adaptive Bit Rate Streaming

HTTP streaming comes in many flavors. We’ve supported Icecast HTTP streaming for many years. The latest trend is HTTP adaptive bit rate streaming, where streams are chopped up in small fragments called chunks. We support both Apple’s HLS streaming to all HLS compliant devices and Microsoft Smooth Streaming as well so you can start offering enhanced QoE (Quality of Experience) services in HD to your end users.

Figure: StreamZilla supports HTTP QoE adaptive bit rate streaming for Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth:

HTTP QoE adaptive bit rate streaming


Mobile Streaming

Many CDNs don’t support any mobile streaming and if they do, only on a limited number of servers. StreamZilla runs mobile streaming services on every single delivery node in our CDN. Did you know that most mobile phones like Blackberry and Android require 3GPP RTSP streaming? StreamZilla fully supports these streaming technologies plus iOS streaming, Windows Media for Windows Mobile, Flash for Flash mobile, and so on.

High Definition Streaming

Some CDNs market a specific and more expensive service for HD grade delivery. With StreamZilla that’s all included. We deliver full HD streams with the highest performance throughout Europe, even from our smallest accounts, in virtually all popular formats.

(Progressive) Download

StreamZilla provides a fully integrated progressive download features as well. Use this service you can offer downloadable media, fast start downloadable video, and many other services.