Premium Customer Support

A premium CDN service requires premium customer support. All our services are offered with our Professional Support level by default, so your mission critical projects can be supported by our senior CDN and streaming experts.

We are not the typical CDN or hosting provider with a remote helpdesk. We care about our customers. We offer personal support, real live people who understand broadcasting, encoding, web publishing and have deep knowledge about streaming media.

Professional Customer Support

The StreamZilla Professional Customer Support service is available via email and telephone. Support requests will be answered within one business day during EU office hours from 9:00 until 18:00 CET. Our average response time usually is within two to eight hours. We do not use a generic support desk service, you are helped by senior streaming and CDN experts. Our customer support is fast, friendly, professional and personal. We speak English, Dutch and German. We have resellers in many countries who can support you in your native language as well.

Exclusive Customer Support

For 24*7 services, we recommend you to upgrade to our Exclusive Customer Support level. You can contact StreamZilla support via email and telephone. VIP support requests will be answered with the highest priority within one business day. Our average response time usually is within the hour. During EU office hours from 9:00 until 18:00 CET you can call or email our office. After office hours your staff can ask for support via our online exclusive support system, 24*7. The on duty senior engineer will contact your staff member as fast as possible.

Live Event Hotline Service

The Live Event Hotline Service is recommended for every mission critical event. During live events, many things can go wrong, because you may not be in a trusted environment and have to rely on third party infrastructures, equipment and temporary staff, all under the high pressure of a live broadcast.

Our Live Event Hotline service guarantees that prior and during a mission critical live webcast, we free up a dedicated, senior streaming CDN engineer for you. The engineer will help your engineers with setting up encoders, testing connections, setting up publishing points, testing streams, and can advise on embedding and publishing.

During the entire event, the dedicated engineer monitors your streams, can manage bursting resources for you on the fly, and can give you feedback on performance and popularity. We do not offer on-site support, but the engineer can be reached in different ways: e-mail, IM or telephone. The method of communication will be discussed and agreed upon in advance with the engineer. We offer event hotline services during and outside EU business hours

Every customer with a commercial account can order this service via our sales department. The service is bundled with every webcast package. The service must be ordered at least two business days before going on air, otherwise we cannot guarantee that we can free up an engineer.

Support details

Support is only offered for the services we deliver. We cannot offer support for third party solutions or products. We cannot solve upstream or networking problems beyond our control. We will however do our utmost best to help you integrate our products / services with our API’s, setup your encoders, test connections and with your video publishing.

We are a pure player streaming CDN who works for professional customers. Although the learning curve for using StreamZilla is lower than with other streaming CDN’s, we do expect your staff to have professional experience with internet and streaming media: live encoding, connectivity, transcoding, video players, web publishing, et cetera. StreamZilla does not work for consumers or semi-professional customers.

Our support service bundles are limited by a number of support hours per month. Support requests are administrated per block of 20 minutes. If you need more support, we will charge for those extra hours. If you require support beyond your support contract, we will charge for the support service.