Broadcast your event to ten thousands viewers, worldwide, in all popular streaming formats.

On the web, nothing is more mission critical than a live webcast of an event. Video producers have to work on a tight budget, with limited resources and under the stress of a live event where everything can go wrong.

Unfortunately we have seen webcasts go horribly wrong in our +20 years live webcasting experience. That is why the StreamZilla Event Webcasts service is so important.

We don’t just offer a premium webcast service that 100% guarantees capacity on our CDN during the reserved hours.

We also offer experience, features and support. Our experienced staff of senior operators have a background in webcasting and will help you with setting up your encoders, testing your upstream connections and publishing of streams in your portals, end to end.

Our live support services go beyond that: our operators are standby during the entire webcast to monitor connections, and streams and are in direct contact with the operators on location.

Great features, great performance and great support is why Europe’s market leading events and producers trust StreamZilla to handle their live streams: United, Ziggo, Quadia and Fast Moving Targets.

The StreamZilla webcast calculator automatically calculates the all-in costs for you. Webcasts packages are offered pre-paid so there is no risk of additional bandwidth invoices afterwards!

The more hours and the more bandwidth you commit to, the lower the relative price.

Hints: most webcasts last for 2 to 4 hours and consume between 4 to 20Gbps. Our experts can help you estimate the required capacity. Feel free to call us for support.

You can save extra money by deselecting support. However you will be on your own: no guarantees. For mission critical websites (which aren’t?) it is strongly recommended to rely on our setup and live support services.

Please contact us if you would like to purchase bulk webcasts (starting at 6 per year) at discounted rates.

  • Webcast from 1 to 12 hours
  • Guaranteed capacity from 1 to 30Gbps
  • Stream in HLS, HDS, Smooth, RTMP, Windows Media, RTSP and Icecasting
  • We offer professional transmuxing and adaptive bit rate streaming features
  • We support dynamic redundant encoder setups
  • Anti-deeplinking and geo blocking features are included
  • We support all popular software and hardware encoders
  • We support all popular video streaming devices and players
  • StreamZilla iFrame Player included
  • We expect you to be a broadcasting / encoding pro

Select setup support if you want our senior engineers to help you with setting up encoders, testing connectivity, testing your publishing and with setting up advanced settings such as anti-deeplinking or geo blocking.

Select live support if you want senior StreamZilla engineers to actively monitor your live stream during the entire event as well. This is strongly recommended for all mission critical events. The additional costs are very low compared to the costs of a typical webcast!

Feel free to email or call our webcast experts for webcast consulting, custom webcasts offers, pay-as-you-go webcast offers and for high volume or bulk webcast contracts at +31508003300 during EU business hours.