It happens a lot. A great Internet campaign is launched and at the first day your campaign website collapses under the heavy load because it went viral.

The StreamZilla Campaign account allows you to offload and deliver live streams, vod streams and large HTTP objects to massive audiences. All you need to host yourself are the dynamic or static web pages and small objects, which is a breeze. The heavy stuff is for StreamZilla: media objects and streams.

StreamZilla Campaign accounts are ideal for short burst media campaigns from 1 to 12 months. The account contract is not renewed, so no strings attached.

Even better, your traffic bundle is a flexible bucket you can use during the entire campaign, so whether your peak is at the beginning, middle or the end of the campaign, you can use the entire traffic bundle whenever.

Companies like Audi, Redbull, Vodafone, Heineken and their media agencies love the StreamZilla campaign accounts. Sign up now and your campaign can be up and running within one business day!


StreamZilla Campaign
10GB storage

1TB traffic bucket (entire campaign)
All premium features included for free

Package pricing

One time setup fee: €250
Monthly fee: €700


10 GB block € 50
20 GB block € 100
30 GB block € 150
40 GB block € 200
100 GB block € 250
200 GB block € 500
300 GB block € 750
400 GB block € 1.000
500 GB block € 1.250

Total traffic bundle

1 TB block € 250
5 TB block € 1.250
10 TB block € 1.500
25 TB block € 4.250
50 TB block € 7.500
100 TB block € 10.000

Traffic outside bundle

Per 1 TB € 500
Per 10 TB € 2.500
Per 100 TB € 15.000

Support bundles

Professional (2 hrs p/month)* € 50
Exclusive (4 hrs + 4 inc. p/month) € 250

Extra support

Extra support per request € 50
Extra support per incident € 200


All features are bundled for free with your StreamZilla account!

Deliver your media

  • Deliver to PCs, Macs, tablets, smart phones
  • Lineair TV channel streaming
  • Live webcast productions
  • Video On Demand streaming
  • Downloadable media objects

Delivery protocols

  • Apple Adaptive Bit Rate streaming (HLS)
  • Adobe Dynamic Streaming (HDS)
  • Microsoft Smooth Streaming
  • HTTP Icecast, live audio
  • HTTP download
  • HTTP progressive download
  • HTTP progressive download with trick play
  • RTMP Flash streaming
  • RTSP Microsoft Windows Media streaming
  • RTSP streaming

Realtime transmuxing

  • For H.264 + AAC encoded content
  • Wowza: from RTSP, RTMP to: RTMP, RTSP, HLS, HDS, Smooth, DASH
  • Unified Streaming: to HLS, HDS, Smooth, DASH

Content intelligence

  • Content analysis for size, bit rates, resolutions
  • Content partsing (manifest and segments)
  • Logical objects (automatic grouping)
  • Multiple bit rate grouping

Locking, Geo Blocking

  • Per asset locking controls
  • Manage access per request, per asset
  • Per asset geo-blocking controls
  • Manage geo-blocking countries, continents, groups
  • Anti-deep linking enforcement

Content management

  • Object ingest: private FTP, WebDav, dropbox
  • Setup live single and multiple bit rate streams
  • Setup live push and pull live streams
  • Media metadata, paging, search and sorting features
  • Delete, distribute, purge, see status per asset
  • Multi select and perform actions on assets and live streams
  • Show encoder settings and manage transmuxing per stream
  • Provision remote content origins for static and live content

Publishing tools

  • StreamZilla intelligent URL adjust CDNs response to instructions
  • Intelligent publishing embed code and URL wizard
  • Advanced features for customizing URLs and embed codes
  • Open support for all popular devices and players

StreamZilla iFrame Player

  • Unified iFrame player
  • Automatic client detection and adaptation
  • Automatically adapts to and supports web browsers, iOS, Android
  • Automatically produces the right player for the right client
  • Automatically selects HTTP adaptive or HTTP progressive content
  • Supports MP4, MP4 multiple bit rate, MP3, FLV content
  • Full HLS HTTP adaptive bit rate streaming support
  • Full progressive download support
  • Full HTML5 support
  • Supports poster frame feature
  • Live and VOD audio/video support
  • Powered by JWPlayer Premium version 6.8 (bundled for free for all StreamZilla users)
  • Player load and video segment load performance monitor (beta)

Realtime statistics

  • Concurrent viewers indicator for live streams (when supported)
  • Graphical statistics per asset (popularity last hours)
  • Graphical statistics per account
  • (requests, redirects, most popular content, popularity statistics)
  • Storage usage indicator (graphical and numerical)
  • Traffic usage (graphical and numerical)
  • Traffic usage API
  • (near real-time data)

Historical reports

  • Graphical and numerical
  • Per delivery technology
  • Usage and trend per year (requests and traffic)
  • Usage and trend per month (requests and traffic)
  • Usage and trend per week (requests and traffic)
  • Usage and trend per hour (requests and traffic)
  • Top (and all) countries
  • Top (and all) hosts
  • Top (and all) popular assets
  • Technical analysis
  • (updated every 30-60 minutes)

Media workflow automation

  • Manage sub users with limited rights
  • Media production / transcoding content ingest dropbox
  • Automated live stream provisioning through unified API
  • Automated remote origin provisioning through unified API
  • Advanced media management features through unified API
  • Advanced media access control through unified API
  • Advanced media publishing integration through unified API, XML
  • Traffic usage specific API for OSS/BSS integration
  • Portal token secret key and code provided in API menu


  • Extensive documentation
  • Sample videos preloaded so you can start testing
  • Migration and setup support is included for free (best effort)