Triple A+: the best performing streaming CDN

StreamZilla is awarded the A+ status three times for international streaming performance and availability by, independent world leader in performance measurement:

StreamZilla Keynote A+ status

On multiple occasions, verified that all our Flash, Windows Media, 3GPP, QuickTime and MPEG-4 streams had bit rates and availability in accordance with their rigorous testing guidelines. Keynote gave StreamZilla the A+ status for global streaming performance independently for each streaming protocol: RTMP, RTSP and MMS.

A Triple A+ ranking is the highest ranking a streaming operator can achieve. This means that all content delivered by StreamZilla is played immediately anywhere around the globe, without any packet loss, latency or (re)buffering. Note that ping or traceroute does not give a true indication of our performance. Our network accelerates streaming protocols and de-prioritizes protocols for ping and trace-routes.

This report is a collection of actual screenshots of the performance report by As you can see, the availability and performance of the tested streams is 100% in 24 cities around the world and the bit rates are beyond the HD critical 5Mbps line, without any buffering and zero outages or disconnects.

To give you a honest, true minimum indication, the results above are from streams hosted from a single core media server in the Netherlands, using a regular small account on our CDN; without bursting options, even without regional edge servers support(!). The CDN was not tuned in any way to optimize these results.

StreamZilla outperforms all global CDNs in Europe. We even outperform regional European streaming providers in their own domestic country. We have premium performance in Western Europe, Middle Europe, Scandinavia, the UK, Iberia, Italy and Eastern Europe. How do we achieve these superior rates? Premium hardware, premium software, premium networking and premium connectivity. StreamZilla is premium. We deliver.