“Working for StreamZilla isn’t just about being a professional. It’s fun too. We have a great office culture.”

StreamZilla is powered by an enthusiastic, committed and professional team of experts. The staff is a team of 14 of the market’s leading CDN and streaming media experts.

We are backed by an operational team of over 125 networking, housing, hardware and operational services experts.

This is our core team:


Stef is the owner of the company. He produced his first webcast in 1994 which was probably the first in Europe. Stef is in charge of marketing, strategy and general management. Stef is all about drive. He drives fast cars. Fast. Stef has an enormous drive because of his quality obsession. Which got us where we are today. Sometimes he drives us mad though, when he storms into the office, enthusiastic about a new idea or angry when it’s not good enough. So we sent him on vacation for a full month after we released this website :)


Rudo is our senior operational manager. Rudo is an autodidact and worked with Stef on streaming media projects since 1994. Rudo is responsible for designing the StreamZilla CDN’s architecture, for security and for the StreamZilla platform operation. We thank our extremely high uptime to Rudo. Rudo’s own uptime starts at 10:00 AM though. Rudo loves gadgets. We have hidden his credit card because he tends to click on all ‘buy’ buttons on gadget web-stores.


Joshua is the l33d engineer for StreamZilla’s premium CDN technology. Joshua programs in his sl33p. Or he sleeps when he is programming. Better not disturb him! When customers don’t speak PHP, Perl or Python, Joshua does not compute. He programs faster and with better quality than 1000 code monkeys can do. That’s what the code monkeys say. We didn’t know that code monkeys could talk. Joshua apparently programmed this feature into them.


Natasja is in charge of customer support services and marketing. She gets all the credits for fast and accurate customer support. Even when customers don’t understand, make simple mistakes and then escalate, she stays calm and friendly and professional. Natasja knows more streaming media acronyms than anyone else. Who would have thought that of a young blonde?


Berend is our senior streaming engineer. He knows *everything* about streaming media. If you want to meet Berend, you can connect to his port 544 for an RSVP RTSP session. We know we should not make fun of his disabilities. But we can’t help laughing when he speaks. Berend cannot speak fluently. He talks in bursts or he-seg-ments-e-ve-ry-word-in-his-vo-ca-bu-la-ry while dynamically adapting his voice. Like HTTP live streaming. He really thinks that when a band plays their playlist it is XML structured.


Rico is in charge of project management and planning. He makes sure we meet our internal development cycles. Rico is also responsible for managing custom projects: designing and deploying content delivery networks for StreamZilla customers and telecom operators around the world. Rico speaks Dutch, English and Swedish. Rico once was a fitness instructor. Now he drills our engineers. Every morning at 6:30 AM, all engineers must be present in the main hall of our office building for the StreamZilla drill song. In Swedish.


Milton Waddams is in charge of our office. Without Milton, our office would be a complete mess. Staplers would be missing. Milton’s desk was recently moved to the basement because he tends to mumble and babble which keeps the developers from programming. In his personal life Milton is a volunteer for the local fire brigade and loves holidays in Mexico.


Rex is our office monster. His formal name is Streamosaurus Rex. A.k.a. the King of the Stream Lizards. Which would be a great glam rock band name by the way. Recent DNA research indicates that he was a friendly dinosaur from an ancient forgotten past who lived and survived for centuries in the deep Mariana trenches near Japan. Disturbed by internet fiber cables being dropped over his natural habitat, The Beast wanted revenge. In 2004, Rex came on shore near Groningen, the Netherlands. StreamZilla Rex is usually quite relaxed but completely loses it when it smells Milanese Salami. Better beware of the beast when you enter our office…


Peter is senior software engineer. He likes to hunt for bugs. That’s why he is a scouting volunteer. To be in the woods where the bugs are. Those little milk drinking bugs on two legs. He prefers to be called Chief Agent Zed and calls us Agent K, Agent J, and so on. When he finds a bug he yells “Gotcha Edgar!”. Hey Peter, what have you got there? A what? A neuralyzer? What’s tha… *flash!*