StreamZilla works for over 500 professional European customers, ranging from sports clubs to enterprises, broadcasters and video producers:


StreamZilla hosts and delivers premium and free to air content for many sports clubs. Content is distributed live and on-demand to PC clients, set top boxes and mobile devices. Thanks to StreamZilla these sports clubs can host, distribute and monetize their own content, independent from traditional cable operators, broadcasters and associations.


StreamZilla hosts and delivers premium and advertised content for many regional and national broadcasters in Europe. Broadcasters setup their own live streams in all popular formats on our platform and use our platform to host and deliver high quality content to millions of consumers. Thanks to their workflow integration with StreamZilla, the broadcasters can distribute content to much more focussed end user groups, allowing them to monetize niche content through other channels than their regular traditional cable, satellite and IPTV networks.

Telecom operators

Even though many telecom operators have their own infrastructures, they typically lack the knowledge or the resources to develop, design, deploy and operate their own digital media hosting and delivery platform. These telecom operators do have the need to deliver their premium content to three screens (OTT) so StreamZilla to the rescue. StreamZilla offers the unique ability to offer custom and premium designed CDN resources both off-net and on-net, enabling these telecom operators to quickly rollout exciting new OTT three screen services to their subscribers and beyond.


Traditional paper publishers always lacked the ability to communicate in audio and video. They did not have the access to cable, satellite or IPTV. The Internet liberates the market. Many publishers have now started digital channels, VOD services and video supported websites for their brands. StreamZilla hosts and delivers many video titles for these publishers, delivering these to an enormous audience.

Content owners

Before the Internet, content owners, like producers and studios, were depending on broadcasters to distribute and monetize their content to subscribers. Today, thanks to StreamZilla, these content owners can directly communicate with consumers, bypassing the entire traditional value chain of broadcasters and cable operators. By using StreamZilla they can fully integrate and automate their workflow and offer High Definition quality media over the web.


Many Enterprises discover how the Internet can make communication with customers easier and simpler. Video is by far the most professional way to inform customers and relations about new products, services and corporate news. Most video platforms on the web offer an easy vertically integrated solution for video management, video transcoding and publishing, but they also lock the enterprises into their specific workflow and technologies. Thanks to StreamZilla these enterprises can use any mix of professional services without being locked into any specific vendor.

Video Platform Service providers

Video platforms (VPS) on the web offer an easy vertically integrated solution for video management, video transcoding and publishing. The recent trend is that their video streaming CDN partners are also going to offer value added services, which means that these CDNs are now competing head on with their own VPS value added customers. Thanks to StreamZilla these video platform service providers can offer any mix of professional services without being falsely competed on their own services. StreamZilla is their reliable streaming media CDN.


Events, video production companies and enterprises can now broadcast their events live to a global audience, without the costs of satellite services, or extremely expensive broadcasting slots on TV channels. Thanks to StreamZilla these event organizers can get live streaming accounts within a day, and can setup their own live streams for many formats for maximum reach: Flash, Silverlight, Apple HLS, Smooth and Mobile. StreamZilla is their professional partner to stream high quality audio and video to mass audiences.

Ad agencies

Ad agencies can now offer smart online media campaigns to their customers. Thanks to the StreamZilla campaign accounts, they can start viral campaigns without having to worry about peak consumption, extra traffic rates or long-term contracts with large commitments. StreamZilla hosts and streams many campaigns for respected companies all over Europe.