Custom Services

Can’t find what you are looking for in our feature-packed accounts?
StreamZilla and our selected partners are specialized in custom services:

Commodity CDN

Are you looking for a generic CDN service just like any other CDN offers? You really don’t need StreamZilla’s premium features? Call us for a quote for competitive pricing on bare metal CDN services for web caching, web acceleration, object delivery and HTTP streaming.

Custom packages

Are you looking for a pay-as-you grow model? Do you need more capacity than our standard product configurations offer? Or do you prefer to be charged on a per view basis? Please contact us for custom business models and packages.


Downlinking and real-time HD encoding of lineair radio and video channels into multiple bit rate streams. We setup the streams for you in your StreamZilla account.


Audio and video transcoding into all popular formats and bit rates. We automatically ingest new titles into your StreamZilla account.


We record your live streams so they can be reused as video on demand content.

Webcast production

We arrange simple one-camera registrations to broadcast grade satellite broadcast trucks, studio registrations and on-site productions.


We can customize players for you including skinning, ad insertion management and interactive  features.

Portals, OVP

We build interactive portals for OTT publishers, including advanced media content management and publishing systems.


We can integrate encoding, transcoding and transmuxing systems with all popular DRM solutions.

Crisis overflow

Many of you run your own set of streaming servers for your daily business. StreamZilla offers a crisis overflow service. You get access to a sleeping account at very low prices to cover peak capacity availability. In case of a crisis where you quickly need to scale up, you can fire up your StreamZilla account, send all users to our CDN and handle massive audiences. After your peak, you revert back to your own infrastructure and we invoice for generated traffic.

Dedicated streaming servers

We deploy and manage custom dedicated streaming servers and storage, either standalone or as integrated part of the StreamZilla CDN. Our customer run StreamZilla powered standalone streaming servers for their custom streaming requirements. For other customers we run custom streaming servers as part of our CDN: they get dedicated high performance storage and servers with SLAs for their precious content, but still can burst (local or geographically) and use all our advanced management features.

Hosted, Licensed, Managed, Federated CDN

StreamZilla is 100% subsidiary of Jet-Stream, a recognized and experienced leader in managed CDNs who has built over 30 CDNs for large telecom operators worldwide. Contact us if you would like to take your CDN services to the next level.

Our streaming wizards helped customers such as SBS, Telenet, Ericsson, KPN, Tata, ROS Telecom and Reuters and many others with custom streaming services and CDNs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we love challenges. Experience our streaming service with a month FREE trial account or Order directly!