Become a Reseller

StreamZilla enables you to offer proven, premium and competitive streaming services into your markets, whether these are countries or vertical markets.

By becoming a StreamZilla reseller, we offload you from the complex task of managing streaming infrastructures and we lower your operational costs, so you can focus on your core business. We also provide volume margins to resellers.

So less headaches, more margin and better services. Everybody wins. In return, we expect you to support your customers and we encourage you to offer value added services on top of the StreamZilla range of services.

StreamZilla also offers a referrer program. This program is optimized for people and companies who generate leads but are not interested in operational business.

Large hosting providers, advertising agencies, video facilitating companies, digital agencies and many other well-known brands in media and Internet exclusively resell StreamZilla to their customers.

With StreamZilla you get your own online private Reseller environment where you can provision and manage your own customer accounts, quota, usage and billing data.

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