The worlds first green CDN

Since 2007 we offer green streaming using only energy taken from renewable sources. But for us, that wasn’t enough. We have done much more to become a true green leader…

Datahouses can use as much power as a medium size city. Imagine how much energy is wasted by CDN’s that do not optimize their infrastructure…

First Green CDN

We are the first green CDN on the market. Market leadership is not just being the most successful. Market leadership is also being a responsible company. StreamZilla is proud that per januari 2007 our operation is completely environmentally friendly. And we have done a lot more than just using green energy!

The green housing effect

Radical energy-saving measures have been taken. We only use certified green datacenters. But that is not all. Only efficient servers are used to increase server density and to decrease power consumption. Our own CDN technologies further densify the servers with a factor 3-4. The result is a whopping >40% power saving.

Climate neutral operation

Normally, datacenters are cooled with energy-wasteful compressors. Day in, day out. StreamZilla uses datacenters with free cooling, cold corridors, delta conversion, auto switch-off lights and 100% green energy from sustainable sources such as wind, sun and biomass. CO2 exhaust is neutralized by planting trees and initiating biogas projects.

StreamZilla climate neutral operation

The most efficient infrastructure

We never use virtualization. Virtualization is great to densify infrastructures. But virtualization eats performance and wastes energy. Virtualization also degrades the stability of delivery services. We use a unique parallelization approach instead. We run multiple services, natively, in parallel on each physical server. We save a factor 3 to 5 on servers, space, power and cooling by using our own parallelization technology. It densifies server capacity and brings us more flexibility, without losing performance.

Our CDN technology turns any regular web server into a CDN cloud resource. Since all intelligence is in our software, we entirely eliminated the need for power hungry appliances and heavy iron equipment such as global load balancers, heavy DNS servers, CDN PoP heads and heavy storage devices.

We only use high performance, low power, efficient servers that require less cooling and less storage. We have a extremely efficient CDN setup, we scale on demand. We have no need for over dimensioned edge PoPs and we have no idle running servers.

Figure: the density benefits of our unique unified delivery approach through parallelization:
StreamZilla green CDN

Streaming = green

Imagine how much raw materials, chemical production, packaging, printing, storage and shipping it would take to distribute millions physical video tapes and DVD’s per day.

Imagine how much energy is wasted to broadcast radio and television through the air, via satellites and cable networks. Imagine how much people are travelling every day around the world to attend meetings, presentations and lectures.

Imagine how much idle servers large and inefficient CDN’s have running, day in day out, consuming TeraWatts.

By using online and mobile streaming through StreamZilla you are using by far the most economical and environmental friendly way to communicate and distribute your content across the globe. Act responsible