Channel Partners


One of the driving factors of Streamzilla are the Channel Partners. Through its Channel Partners Streamzilla is able to deliver streaming services locally with their native language or to specific markets to its customers and users whilst helping those Channel Partners in maintaining expertise in streaming services for its customers.

Types of Channel Partners

There are 2 types of Channel Partners that Streamzilal works with. Resellers and Refferers. Which one fits best with a certain partner mostly depends on the expertise the partner has, whether it wants to support and advise its customerthemselves or not, whether they want to offer a one-stop-shopping model for its customers, etc. Every partner has its own reasons whether the Reseller or Refferer option fits best. Together with Streamzilla this can be discussed and Streamzilla can offer its best practises to make sure the best option is chosen. Please contact us to discuss the opportunities


The Reseller has the possibilty to resell all the services of Streamzilla to its customers. Streamzilla offers a discount to the Reseller for all orders placed with Streamzilla by Reseller. Reseller will sign a contract, invoice and support the customer directly. The discount differs depending on the related revenue the Reseller is generating towards Streamzilla and is completely transparent. Streamzilla will also offer the Reseller both sales and technical support to help the Reseller and its customers.

There are also options to get leads from Streamzilla for follow-up through the Reseller, not only these are free leads for the Reseller, this also gives the option to sell additional services to those leads as well as well as options to use the Streamzilla brand and possibilties to joint market the Streamzilla brand and services.


The Referral has the possibility ro refferer customers to Streamzilla directly. These qualified leads offered by the Referral will be followed-up through Streamzilla directly and Streamzilla will sign the contract, send the invoice and deliver support to the customer directly and/or through the Referral, depending on the customer wishes. The Referall will recieve a percentage of the size of the deal.

The Refferral will quailify the lead before handing the lead over to Streamzilla. Streamzilla will keep close contact with the Referral regarding the lead and how this can be closed the best way. Of course Streamzilla is always willing to cooperate on revenue-generating promotial activities with the Referral.