CDN Technology

Next generation CDN technologies: you are in control

A premium video CDN needs premium video CDN technology. Most CDNs are built with basic caching and DNS technologies. That’s technology from the nineties. You know, the era that brought us Tamagotchi, the Back Street Boys, curtained hair, BLINK, the Pentium processor and Windows 95. Those CDN technologies are great for offloading web pages and for distributing software updates. But for modern days video needs?

Jet-Stream VDO-X

Many video service providers don’t operate their own CDN, they resell other CDN’s instead. StreamZilla is powered by the Jet-Stream VDO-X CDN software, technology that was developed in-house by us and is operated and supported by our own senior engineers. This premium CDN technology is used by many telecom operators around the globe to professionally distribute and deliver their premium IPTV, OTT, web and mobile content. We resell our technologies and services to many other companies in the industry. Don’t be surprised if our management dashboard, our API’s, or our URL structures pop up in many other video platforms.

Controlled Distribution and Relaying

Every individual object and stream is under permanent, instant surveillance by our CDN software. If content becomes more popular, it is automatically, instantly, distributed to our bursting servers. We don’t just simply assume that servers cache an object: we push objects to servers and then immediately double check if the copy action was successful and that objects aren’t corrupted in the process.

We guarantee that we only redirect users to an object on any server if we are 100% sure that the file is available and valid and that the server is capable of serving out the file. We also dynamically relay live streams in the same controlled way. Our approach guarantees a much higher quality of experience to end users.

Advanced Geo Load Balancing

Most CDNs (ab)use DNS tricks to reroute users to delivery servers. DNS was never intended to be used for these purposes and it actually is a poor solution. For instance, end users are free to use alternative DNS services instead of their ISP’s DNS. The effect is that DNS based CDNs will make a wrong assumption about the users geo location. These CDNs redirect users to remote servers, instead of nearby servers, which actually destroys the performance instead of improving it. StreamZilla uses premium, high performance, active redirection technology instead.

We simply never redirect to a broken server or service and we are not depending on DNS at all. Whenever our monitoring system encounters an issue, like a crashed service or a broken server, we instantly take the affected service out of the active pool. Users are instantly redirected to alternative servers, 100% controlled.

DNS based CDNs have to update their DNS records and then assume that ISPs update these DNS records too. However, many ISP’s, mobile operators and enterprise DNS servers ignore DNS TTL information and only update their DNS records every 4, 8, 12, 24, even 48 hours. The result is that users will be redirected to dead servers until their DNS server is updated and there’s nothing the CDN can do about it.

Redirection and load balancing should be under complete control by the CDN operator. DNS cannot guarantee this, while our technology does. Our uptime is much higher thanks to this premium technology.

Figure: DNS is a flawed, outdated and uncontrolled method

StreamZilla DNS

Premium management console

In your own private StreamZilla CDN dashboard, you can manage your entire CDN account. For instance, you can setup new users with limited rights so you can give a third party video producer or a third party CMS developer access to parts of your account. Ingest new assets, setup your own live streams in any format using our advanced wizards. Generate embed codes for many popular clients. Track the popularity of your streams through realtime and historical statistics. Integrate your workflow using our professional open API’s. This self support service is so easy to learn that it saves us and you in customer support. Less support = less costs, not just for you. For more details, see our Walkthrough.

Premium, dedicated resources

The StreamZilla CDN software lets us control resources with much finer detail than other CDNs can do. We can redirect on a per user basis, instead on a per ISP bulk basis. We can instantly add storage and server resources and we can tune popularity thresholds on a per account basis. We can even assign dedicated storage and server resources to accounts, so these accounts can enjoy the highest performing resources. Even if other customers start using CDN resources, these dedicated resources are not affected: dedicated spindles, dedicated CPU’s, dedicated bandwidth and connections guarantee capacity around the clock.

Figure: StreamZilla uses a 100% controlled, ultra fast, instant application redirection engine

StreamZilla ReDiraptor