>99.99% Historical Uptime

The highest uptime thanks to smarter technologies.

Geographical redundancy

All StreamZilla CDN management and delivery servers are setup redundantly in different geographical locations. We also automatically synchronise assets to multiple servers. In the event of a hardware, software, power or network issue, all traffic is diverted to live servers. Our VDO-X CDN software automatically synchronises assets and relays live streams dynamically over our cloud of servers, so content is always redundantly available.

Realtime monitoring and alerting

All servers and services in our CDN are under 24*7 pro-active surveillance by our CDN management systems. This includes all delivery protocols included RTMP, RTSP, MMS and HTTP, but we also monitor all internal services, processes and databases. Whenever a specific service suddenly becomes unavailable, our 24*7 available staff is alerted immediately through a NOC web interface, email alerts and text messages. But we don’t wait for a engineer to service a server of application.

Realtime failover and bursting

Our VDO-X CDN management software is immediately triggered in the case of an incident. It instantly takes the affected service or server out of the active pool so end users are instantly redirected to other available services and servers, guaranteeing the highest uptime. Because every individual object and stream is monitored for popularity, our CDN technology also automatically dynamically distributes and relays popular content over the cloud of active resources. And then instantly load balances the audience over these resources.

Realtime failover and bursting


>99.99% Historical uptime

Since our launch in 2004, our average historical service uptime is >99.99%. This means that our downtime is less than 60 minutes per year (525600 minutes). This includes regular servicing, updates, upgrades and migrations.